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The tunnels of Củ Chi are an immense network of connecting underground tunnels located in the Củ Chi district of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and are part of a much larger network of tunnels that underlie much of the country.


Vietnam is a beautiful country which is well known for natural beauty, long history and multiple cultures. Therefore, it is easy to understand the reason why the number of tourists landing in Vietnam is increasing to a greater extent. People who are wishing to visit a country famous for both cultural and natural beauty can prioritize Vietnam without any constraint.

Even though there are thousands of places to visit, here are some highly recommended tourist spots which should not be missed once after landing in the Vietnam land: Thẻ 1000 year old capital Hanoi, breathtaking Halong Bay, peaceful Hội An town, bustling and modern Ho Chi Minh City and countless of white sand beaches along the country from the North to the South. Each minute of you in Vietnam will be surrounded by friendly people who are eager to introduce you the unique culture or authentic cuisine of Vietnam which are now popular all over the world. Vietnam is now awaiting for your cycling to explore. If you need any information, please contact with Vietnam Cycling Tour at any time.

Cu Chi Tunnels - Not Only About Finding History 07.11.2018

Cu Chi Tunnels - Not Only About Finding History 07.11.2018

07 November, 2018

What are you looking for in a trip to Cu Chi Tunnels? History? Fun? Friends? Useful Information? Here we have it all with Cu Chi Tunnels Tours.
Cu Chi Tunnels & Mekong Delta Tour 28_08_2018

Cu Chi Tunnels & Mekong Delta Tour 28_08_2018

28 August, 2018

Cu Chi tunnels  are a team of experienced, loyal & dedicated event professionals. We are a small team with a light structure but with a large network of partners and suppliers in Cu Chi Tunnels... 

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